We didn’t start the fire!

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Thanks to Jodee Bock for flagging this video of Billy Joel’s song: We didn’t start the fire! from Jasonrb07.

Indeed, the challenge is not who started the fire.  When we are in blaming or one-up-man-ship mode, we are narrowing our lives horribly.

It would be an excellent exercise in so many contexts to put together a video of everything that has happened in our lives, whether we were directly involved or not, what is magnificent and what is not,  and to include the negative with the positive, without acrimony and without hubris.  Hard to do.  A good challenge for 2008!

Thanks Jasonrb07 for the wonderful visuals and the opportunity to view the ups-and-downs and the remarkable vigor, optimism and engagement of the 20th century with appreciation.

UPDATE: Sadly the video has been removed.  It was good.

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