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Ah, an intelligible (and funny) article about the Euro-zone

Euro or not? EU or not?

German Bus by Matthew Black via FlickrWith the way things are in Greece, and the UK debt scaring the politicians silly, a lot of Brits are happy that we didn’t join the Euro.  After all, we can always print money and inflate our way out of our profligacy, right?

Understanding how the Euro-zone works

We get the bit a about using the Euro in just about every European country but ours.  Otherwise most of us have the slimmest ideas about why the Germans are quite so mad with Greece and how all the lego-bits for running the Euro fit together.

“we get it, we’re drunk drivers, we’re selling our cars and resolving to get around on a German-piloted bus.”

Phrased-like this, it’s a bit easy to understand.  Mathew Yglesias has written a brilliant primer on the European Central Bank.

If you know as little as I did at the start, it is about a ten minute read

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