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Complexity theory – “getting it” through literature

Algal-falls by neurmadic aesthetic via FlickrComplexity theory, emergence and you

Boids, emergence, there being no plan to the universe – it’s all very hard to grasp.

Here is a line from Robin Yassin-Kassab’s novel the road from DAMASCUS that explains it all.

“No cell in your body is the same cell as when you were a boy. “

“You aren’t matter, you organize it.  You are an organizing principle.  The flesh and blood is produced by you , a temporary pattern you’ve made.  It isn’t you.”

(p. 197)

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Poetry of the Week: Robin Yassin-Kassab

growlights at work by MissMessie via Flickr“Are you are going to respond warmly to the universe, or not?”


the road from DAMASCUS

“Everyone is warm to something, their team or teddy bear or pint glass.” (p. 97)

“But you could feel warmly towards not just one piece, not only sentimentally and a little sarcastically, but towards all of it, towards all reality.” (p. 97)

Robin Yassin-Kassab


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