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Can you beat my 3 simple rules of conduct?


Quite recently, we got a TESCO’s, a little one.  We have a Co-op tucked away in a side court.  But we don’t have a Boots or WHSmith.

This is a little town and we don’t have a Timpson’s either.  I had never heard of them until I heard one its owners talking on Radio 4.  They are an odd jobbing kind of firm that do your shoes, your keys, and so on, and have branches right across the UK.

Well what is this to do with you?

They say they have two rules in their code of conduct

1.  Look the part

2.  Don’t steal our money

What are your rules?

I have three rules of conduct

1.    Look after yourself

2.   Look after us

3.   Always be ready for a customer who walks through the door

Can you make them any simpler or clearer?


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