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Good looking pleasing personality test

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The original post was about a personality test but a lot of people arrive here trying to find out the meaning of being good looking.  So I’ve edited the page and added the key psychological points of being good looking.

It seems to me that most people know if they are good looking or not.  We also know that some people are born with great attributes: they have symmetrical faces and are tall and well proportioned.

For the rest of us, this is what we can DO about being great looking:

  1. Smile.  Smile when you speak to someone, smile when you go down the street, smile when you sing in church, smile when you talk on the phone, smile when you are alone.  Smiling tells people that you like them, or that at least you are willing to give them a chance.  And they like you for giving them a break even if they are a teacher, a traffic cop or just the utility man trying to do his job.
  2. Listen.  Look at the person and follow what they are saying. Watch their body language and fall into step with them. Dance with them.  Repeat what you think they said before you add your own story.  Walk in their shoes!  Most people are never ‘heard’ and the relief people feel when you listen is palpable.  Watch for it.  Just remember to smile when you start speaking yourself.
  3. Spruce up.  People like to interact with someone who takes care.  There is no set way of dressing.   Just take care. Wash, iron, end, brush.  Fold your clothes at night.  Clean your shoes.   If you feel good, people catch your mood and feel good too.
  4. Exercise.  Look after your bod.  If you hate sport, dance.  A good bod is a good bod.  If you are working two jobs.  Take the stairs.  Do neck exercises in the shower.  Do Pilates quietly on the bus!
  5. Gratitude.  The last thing you should do every night is think about the people who gave you a break: the canteen lady who dished your food, the professor whose lesson made sense, the bus driver who took your money.   If you forgot to thank them in person, well do it next time.  But every night, go to sleep on the memory of people who did well what they could have done badly.  You will sleep better and look forward to tomorrow, smile more readily, listen more easily, iron your shirt with more humor and bound up the stairs with more energy.

And it will show.  People will notice you and want to talk to you.  Which will make you smile!

Enjoy!  Five steps.  Smile. Listen.  Spruce up.  Exercise. Gratitude.

And let me know if this list helped.  Thanks for coming by here.  Evey page hit brightens my day.



  1. Ned Ned

    I am a considerate inventor. I really liked this test. It was different. You have a definite knack for finding these things. 😀

  2. am i good luking

  3. Hi
    I came here through the blog tracker on LinkedIn. This is a beautiful piece, thank you for sharing. I am sure you are “good looking”.
    Have a nice day.

  4. Jo Jordan Jo Jordan

    Hi Lubna, nice to see you here! I left a message on your blog.

  5. Hi Jo
    Thanks for the comment on my blog. I am sorry you had trouble posting, just that one of my recent posts has begun to attract nasty comments, hence the moderation. Will remove the “firewalls” so to say, when things cool down.
    I do blog on taxes as well –
    Actually i write a monthly column in a leading newspaper and this column gets uploaded. Oh and since I love books there is also
    Once again, have to tell you this, you have an interesting blog. Will pour over it this weekend.
    I love the book Flow by Mihaly. Guess, the flow makes our work life a happier place.
    Have a nice day.

    • Jo Jordan Jo Jordan

      Thanks again Lubna. Yes I’ve always enjoyed flow and knew that before I knew the term. Someone once asked what I enjoy. My answer was: to achieve, to be part of something bigger than myself, and to enjoy day on a day by day basis. Martin Seligman calls these the three levels of life: 2nd engaged life (flow), 3rd meaningful life (belonging and connectedness, spirituality) and 1st pleasurable (aesthetics and hedonism). I’ve found with age that it becomes harder to create meaning because we have to provide the umbrella for others. Often we hit our 30’s and are disappointed with the leadership of others. Time to step up, I think!

      You might like to watch Dr Rao at GoogleTalk. It is on YouTube. I believe it is hard to watch in some parts of India. You might just like to write to Dr Rao and ask him for a copy. If you succeed, I know someone at Tata who also wants to watch it. Do let me know!

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