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HRM: Can we meet the pace set by the Obama team?

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The bar has raised

Here is how times have changed.  In the early hours of Wednesday morning (British time), Barack Obama got the ‘verbal offer’ for the job as CEO of USA plc.

Friday lunchtime, and I picked up the link to Obama’s presidential-elect website, complete with easy to understand jobs page.

The challenge

How many of us could support a CEO in this way?  Have a CEO website page up and running withing 48 hours giving the vision, the opportunties, the press links, the opportunities and the discussion page for people to reply?

How many employees would dare to reply (a sign of their confidence in us)?

Anyone want to get together to have this skillbase ready for our CEO’s?

I would like to say that by Jan 1, any company who wants a similar service

  • to articulate the vision
  • to embed it on a readwrite website
  • to be able to launch within 48 hours of an appointment
  • to manage the website
  • to be trusted by their employees who are happy to add their visions

could get it from say, three, suppliers.

Who would those suppliers be?

UPDATE: For an HR Managers perspective on the Recession, I have written a summary on a new post.

PS Update October 31 2009 (11 months later).  I’ve had no takers.  I still believe that being able to launch a website in 48 hours to show employees what they can trust is a measure of an HR department.

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  1. To answer your question; Many. The challenge is no longer technical, but rather procedural. The key is organization. Having everything in place. No doubt that such a system was in place weeks, if not months prior to the announcement on Tuesday night. After the fact, all that was left was perhaps to inject some new, more recent/correct information coming out of his speech, public reactions, whatever. Again, the key issue is organization. So the question becomes; Having overcome the technical challenges, how many of us as in a position to marshal resources to ensure channels of communication are optimal to effect such a short turnover?

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