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My experiment with Moo cards

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I am hoping that my current stock of Moo Cards will make god’s speed from London. Moo did well to dispatch them two days earlier than promised, but there is/was a postal strike in the UK.

Moo has done well to put together a simple product that they can manage easily.  Business Model A++.

The benefits .  .  . and not .  .  . of business cards

I find though, that the benefits don’t translate to me.  It takes a long time to prepare Moo Cards.   And seriously, in this day, who looks at cards the morning-after?

Most people roll out of bed thinking they will look sort out the cards in the evening when they get home.  But something else comes up.

My Moo cards are going to have to work for me. And most importantly, work for my customers.

Which images are the most appealing .  .  . and to whom?

My current batch will be extend an experiment I started last time.

I’ve discarded images that weren’t popular. I’ve played with colour and added some alternative images for cards that were popular.

I’ll carry on giving people a choice and see what I learn.

Here they are. Tell me which you prefer. And do me a favor, also tell me your gender (M/F) and occupation (startup, early stage entrepreneur, settled professional, career manager, small business owner, large business owner) and any other information pertinent to you!

Tomorrow, I’ll tell you one of the ways I hope to make my cards useful to my customers.

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  1. Hi
    I love the second card – where the Steps is written in italics. I guess you can call me a settled professional (even as, at present I am on a sabbatical – is that being unsettled?).
    Strange, I made cards today myself for Dussehra and Diwali, but these are ecards.
    I scanned a few photographs that I had taken over the years and then hey presto using HP Photoshop, they were ready.
    Have a nice weekend.

  2. Jo Jordan Jo Jordan

    Yippee,1/1 hypothesis confirmed!

    Girls chose steps (not cats). And the italics were supposed to be improvement on the other.

    Women in social media are a determined lot, don’t you think?

    We will have live our lives our way.

    Has got me reading about female protagonists in the Hero’s journey or any novel, actually.

    Apparently we can be have two endings – death or marriage.

    Despite feminism, our task is still to define our ending. Any thoughts?

  3. It’s between the Steps (italic) and the Do you still dream moo card.

    I’m F, long-in-the-tooth but still not settled professional, a organizational consultant and exec. coach currently obsessed with creator-based alternatives to leadership models.

  4. Jo Jordan Jo Jordan

    Thankyou Barbara!

    So far, we are reenacting the trend of my last batch. Same response in the coffee shop. Boys like cats. Girls like steps. Italics are preferred but the colour on the the other is better!

    Market research via Moo Cards. Fascinating. Thanks for responding!

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