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Bill people who rip off your blog? Fair or not?

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What irony!  My previous post on Flying Pigs on the way new media reveals the pitfalls in old media showed up, via  Zemanta, a word-for-word rip off of the entire original post.  Checking it out, I found that the copy being used to sell viagra and other such commodities.

I left this message on the post.

“To whom it may concern.

My work is published on a Creative Commons licence on By and Share Alike.

I am flattered by your use of my work but you will understand that by using my work without citing the source or even linking to it, that you owe me some money.

Please send a payment within 24 hours of USD100.00 to my Amazon account that you find on my blog.

I look forward to this completion with no delay. Should you wish to use more of my work, I am happy to discuss terms of an ongoing agreement.

Jo Jordan”

Setting up the Amazon link proved puzzlingly difficult to do.  Amazon persists in thinking I live in the States and wants a US zipcode. So I sent an invoice by Paypal instead.

Fair or not?

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