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Productivity 2.0 vs Productivity 1.0

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HRM in the long recovery

People are starting to look for ideas on how to manage HRM during the (long) recovery.  Here is my best hunch.   Once we have gone past keeping the firm positive, which I’ve written about quite extensively, then we have to go back to some basic strategic HRM.  You know, the ‘hard’ stuff.  What we make around here.  Who buys it.  Who makes it.  The numbers.

Here are 4 questions to set you on the road to asking about HRM strategy.

Productivity 2.0 vs Productivity 1.0

Does the company work assembly-line style? Is its central idea that the world will deliver a steady stream of repetitive work that you will do exactly as you did yesterday?

OR does the company work with a variety of demands, working with the customers to streamline what they want?

Does the company rely on a few people to think up work processes which are designed and then handed over to staff to execute, no matter what feedback is received from the market?

OR does the company center the work around feedback from the market?

Of course, once you have answered these questions, you do need to figure out what to do next.  But if you are clear about these questions, you are well on the way to cutting out 80% of the muddle that we see in HR.

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