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A challenge to invite and apologize – a poem by Imtiaz Dharker

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Tidying up the emotions of the week

I do so like a Saturday when I cut through the clutter left over from the week, get to the point, and discard the rest.

Apologize and invite

“Apologize and invite”, says orchestra conductor, Ben Zander.  The more irritating someone has been, the more we should apologize, and invite.

Invite them into lives. In a small way, but invite them in.  That is the path away from irritation.

Imtiaz Dharker and The Right Word

I only discovered Imtiaz Dharker‘s poetry midweek, and I went to her site seeking inspiration.  I found it.

This poem is timely. It is a challenge in our age.

And it must be copyright, so I shall not reproduce it. So I will leave you now. The Right Word.


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