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3 reasons why non-Americans care about American healthcare

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#1 Is the political system broken?

America is big.  America is a fiercely democratic as any place bar India.  So decision making takes time and is hard-work.

Too many people had given up on their ability to get along with others.  Too many people had given up in a two party process that thrashes things out until a decision is made.

America did not give up this time.  That is why we care.  America did not give up on itself.

And if America, large and committed to hearing everyone out, did not give up; then we don’t have to give up either.

That’s why we care.   America you have done it again.  Democracy may be hard work but it works when we work.

#2 We do business with America and your policies affect us

I’m in the HR world and I work with Americans.  You may be my clients.  You may be my competitors.

You angst about pensions and health care.

Employers elsewhere take more responsibility, contribute more to their employees health care, yet interfere with individual decisions less.  You do “get your knickers in a knot”.  You also seem to arrange your affairs so that you have wicked levels of liability that could bankrupt you.

You could learn from us.  But I am not trying to sell you anything.

Rather I know that your policies at home affect the policies of your subsidiaries and your subsidiaries affect our business environment and the competitive landscape.

So we watch you carefully.  We know you angst about insurance.  Carry on!  You spend time & money worrying about what the rest of us get straightened out at the outset.  We like that!  It gives us competitive advantage.

Here is a good link to the health care to what was voted through last night.

#3  A happy America is a stable America

But we care.  Really we do.

We care because we care.  And of course a happy healthy America is an America that will be a good citizen of the world.  We don’t want a country as big and as rich as you descending into civil strife.  And believe me, large disparities in wealth and well-being go in that direction.

Now you have done health care, live with it!  Make it work.  And get back to what you are good at.  Over paid, oversexed and over here!

There’s a life to be lived and more people should be able to live it with vigor.  That should benefit everyone. Even those for find the new schemes unfamiliar.

Anyway.  That’s why we care.  Beyond the human emotion of caring about our friends.

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  1. philip meguire philip meguire

    It is extremely doubtful that Obamacare will endure in its present form. And if it does endure, it is equally doubtful that it will improve American health outcomes or life satisfaction. Obamacare is a bureaucratic bungle of the first order, because the people who drew it up did not know what they were doing, and did not understand incentives, costs, shirking, moral hazard, and adverse selection. Therefore Obamacare will crash and sink on the shoals of obdurate human reality.

    The fundamental problem is that American doctors are an overpaid and decadent aristocracy. And that Americans insist on defying fate by spending an obscene amount on health care in the last 3 years of life, in a futile attempt to prolong life. Americans do not accept that death is inevitable. Most of us who are seriously stricken after three score and ten should let nature take its course, and end our days in a hospice. American bad habits will make insolvent any conceivable health care “system.”

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