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4 rules of thumb to design communities of any sort

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Hispanic Day Parade by PaulS via FlickrGetting collective life right

There are so many models around for designing games, communities, and work.  Yet we rarely use them.  I could ponder why.  But here is another that has a useful acronym, CASH.  I’ve lost its source, so if you know its provenance, please let me know.  All I remember is that is was used to design youth clubs.


Connection (Integration)

Who comes here and what do they like each other, do together, and want to do together?

Autonomy (Choice, role, responsibility)

What freedoms do we each have to choose how we will participated in our community?

Skills (Capacity in the place)

What are the many ways we each contribute to this place?

Healthy Norms

What is ‘good, true, better and possible’ about our life together and what do want to do more of?

Comparing CASH with ARC

Pundits will have immediately noticed that CASH is similar to the Autonomy-Relationships-Competency triad of Ryan and Deci and differs from game-designer, Jane McGonigal who uses ARC + belonging to something bigger than ourselves.

Perhaps we can add wider meaning by saying CASH UP?



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