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Check your propositional logic with a truth table generator

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The Seventh Day Adventist University website has a truth table generator for checking propositional logic.  Instructions for inputting propositional logic symbols are on its page.

My host’s wordpress is borked: so here is the link

#1 Check you understand each part of the assertion

Basically, you can check that you are using the basic truth table for simple assertions like (A and B).

#2 Generate a truth table for multiple assertions

And you can combine simple assertions to generate a truth table


I am not an expert in this, but I am assuming that if a bundle of assertions are always true,whatever the starting values that we put into the bundle, then the bundle resolves to true.

Correspondingly, if the assertions come out as false, no matter what the starting values are, the bundle resolves to be false.

And if the bundle contains a mix of true and false, we are left uncertain what will happen.

Any thoughts?


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