A working culture where people find flow frequently?

The core of a work & pychologist’s concern is flow – the feeling of being fully and pleasingly absorbed by a task. Within our work, we have a sub-speciality – those of us who ponder what we need to do a a societal and institutional level to support more a working culture where more people find flow more often.

How I installed Java on Windows XP . . . eventually

New versions of Java on Windows Installer sometimes won’t download. Sadly, Sun and Microsoft are not too clear about the cause.

It seems all registry entries might be the culprit. Here are my notes on solving my Java woes and a link to the geek you need to fix your problems.

Great Leaders, Great speeches: Jimmy Reid

I stumbled over Jimmy Reid’s speech to Glasgow University in 1972. Jimmy Reid was a union leader in Glasgow. Four decades on, his speech is just as relevant and a fine piece of oratory.

Here is a Wordle of his speech. I am going to do more work on it. Requests accepted!

Coelho’s true path to wisdom

Paulo Coelho’s The Pilgrimage blew me away. There is so much in it that I would like to think more about.

The first of its nuggets of wisdom is the path to wisdom, found through following a path guided by agape, a concern to use knowledge in real life, and a path that others can use too.

I’ve related the ideas to other ideas I have encountered. The idea itself, which I have quoted, is so much better.