Is the universe capable of having your city at its center?

Have we really imagined a universe with our own town or city as a centre. What kind of universe has Olney as its center? And what might I find in a universe that has New York, or Mumbai, or Beijing, or Lagos as its center?

How can we deny the lens of the place we live? Do we not deny ourselves?

If Big Society is the answer, what is the question?

Well, yes what was the question? Academics do know a thing or two. In this post, I try to translate (and connect) a recent article on Leadership by Keith Grint of Warwick BS to events in Egypt and the psychology of happy and lucky action. It is practical. It is connected. We know how; we are only waiting to try how.

Great Leaders, Great speeches: Jimmy Reid

I stumbled over Jimmy Reid’s speech to Glasgow University in 1972. Jimmy Reid was a union leader in Glasgow. Four decades on, his speech is just as relevant and a fine piece of oratory.

Here is a Wordle of his speech. I am going to do more work on it. Requests accepted!