If Big Society is the answer, what is the question?

Well, yes what was the question? Academics do know a thing or two. In this post, I try to translate (and connect) a recent article on Leadership by Keith Grint of Warwick BS to events in Egypt and the psychology of happy and lucky action. It is practical. It is connected. We know how; we are only waiting to try how.

Coelho’s true path to wisdom

Paulo Coelho’s The Pilgrimage blew me away. There is so much in it that I would like to think more about.

The first of its nuggets of wisdom is the path to wisdom, found through following a path guided by agape, a concern to use knowledge in real life, and a path that others can use too.

I’ve related the ideas to other ideas I have encountered. The idea itself, which I have quoted, is so much better.