Leadership and the monkey business illusion

Oh, how so often we complain about the lack of leadership. Our politicos are no good. Our team loses. Our boss is awful.

Is the world going to wrack and ruin? What is happening? Could it be something simple and under our control? Under your control and under mine?

How do we recognize a ‘desire-image’ at the center of our being?

Have you encountered the touch-feely idea that we have ‘creative images’ at the core of our sense of self and longing? I am reading David Whyte’s The Heart Aroused and he talks about our ‘desire-images’. I’ve pondered the difference between ‘desire-images’ and more evil states of mind that we all recognize.

SIR COPE – Leading when everything has fallen apart around us

Karl E Weick is tough to read but is an expert on leading after large scale accidents. After 9/11, he formulated the SIR COPE acronym for leaders.

It seems we are in situation after situation where groups are utterly shocked by adverse events so I’ve tried to rewrite the acronym in simpler language.

See what you think.

Courage and mindfulness

Paolo Coelho challenged us today. “Creativity is a courageous act. Avoid opinions.” He summed up what I have been feeling for some time. Too much chatter and not enough creativity? How about you?