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Category: Design

How to make a picture (.png with a transparent background using Microsoft Office

I wanted to make a little text logo with a transparent background for a logo.  This is how I did it using only Powerpoint and Microsoft Office Picture Manager.

1 Use Powerpoint to make the logo in WordArt

  1. Open Powerpoint and a new presentation
  2. Insert WordArt and add your text
  3. Right click to allow you edit the Text Effects and Shape. Patiently remove anything you don’t want and set every background to transparent.
  4. If you cannot see Save as a Picture, right click on the text box and tell it to close the edit.  If necessary, do this several times until Save as a Picture appears.
  5. Save as a Picture.

2 Use Microsoft Picture Manager to crop and resize

  1. Use Microsoft Picture Manager to open the .png file.
  2. Crop and resize as you need to.
  3. Resave.

Done!  You should have a text logo in .png format with a transparent background.