Wikileaks and the Emperor’s Clothes

Wikileaks – the non-event. Lame analysis from embassies. Maybe something more is coming.

For now, it seems to be emperor’s clothes. Put on clothes if you are uncomfortable. It’s what the rest of us do!

If we don’t find productive enterprises soon, we might find we have another bubble

I am just a lowly work psychologist but I’ve been questioning economists for sometime about the industries which are flourishing and will be the power houses of the future.

Now financial economists are asking too, because the very people who should be moving money accumulated in old businesses to invest in new businesses are not moving the money as they should. They are putting the money into salaries, in part and sitting on the rest. We intuitively know this is wrong. This is a (highly) simplified account of what should happen, what is happening and what will happen next.