The social media expert list wanted by business

I learned something about social media and business by-the-by from listening to Clay Shirky on social media and politics. Social media may be disastrous for dictators – but it is not necessarily good for business. I’ll show you my reasoning and suggest there are certain kinds of social scientists who can work out when and importantly where social media matters.

What is influence?

Fifteen London Twitterati describe their interests in influence.

I’ve used some social psychology to analyse them! Whom are you most like?

A more soulful way to manage?

Dry sterile thunder without rain.

T.S. Elliott did not say that about work but there is a growing community of people who bring rain to relieve “dry sterile thunder” in their work.

Will you contribute?

My events sucked, until . . .

I’ve revolutionized the way I design events using Herbert C. Kelman’s {rules, roles, values}.

Here is the model, how I figured out how to fix an event that flopped badly, and some checklists and examples in the wild.

Let me know what you think!