Holistic ~ in business

Holistic – a novel philosophical idea for most of us – and a challenge for those of us ‘groomed’ in old business ways.

A small tutorial inspired by what JWP Action could be doing if they thought about holistic more deeply.

Talk of peace will avail you naught

I’ve just discovered Urdu poet, Parveen Shakir, and her poem delightfully reminding us that it is pointless to talk of love and hate ~ that is it is pointless to talk about our position in the world. We are our willingness to engage with others . . . my prose is awful . . . read her poetry!


TRAITOR: An old-fashioned word but applicable today

When you
* deliberately give information to a third party, or make it possible to do so
* without my permission
* with intent or effect to harm me
* while pretending to serve my interests or being in a fiduciary relationship with me