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Commuters agree to be deprived of life for eternal slumber

Frustration by greencandy8888 via FlickrfYesterday evening, the M1 motorway heading north out of London was closed – for 24 hours.  Thousands upon thousands of commuters going home and people heading north for the weekend were stranded.

Staying in London overnight is a large expense for a commuter.  Outgoings will be at least 100 pounds.  Your dogs and cats back home remain unwalked and unfed.  And I put that first because I am British.  Your partner and children might be ill amused too.

There is no insurance for commuter travel.   And no liability for the operators or the utility providers.  The commuter bears the risk as an Act of God.

Yet we don’t treat our commuter travel as part of the reason why we travel.

@documentally was grumbling.  I don’t blame him because I would have been worn out with frustration too.  And if I am honest, I’ve cut down my use of public transport to the minimum.

But the irrelevant frustration, the signs that we are going along with senseless commodification of our lives that only hurts us led me to wax lyrical.

My tweet of the morning that infuriated @Documentally even further

@Documentally We’ve been duped into believing that several hours travel isn’t an adventure – deprived of life for eternal slumber?


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