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Understanding what is “hard” and what is not

What your mother didn’t teach you

A long time ago, I read a book called “What your mother didn’t teach you”.  It had a cynical message built in to its witty title.  Everyone who succeeds in business had a patron who smoothed the way.

We all need a patron

We all need a teacher, a mentor, a coach and a champion. Mum cannot do that for us.  We need someone in our field who can show us where the doors are and most importantly of all, give us feedback.

A patron tells us what is hard

Is what we are doing hard?  Should we have made progress by now?  Should we be persisting?  What strategies would produce the feeling of progress?  What is real progress in this work?  Where should I exert my energy?  What is a distraction that I should ignore?

Without patrons, we are lost. We just don’t know how long anything takes? We don’t know how much frustration to put up with.

An example: how hard is it to design a good logo

To illustrate what I mean, here is a link to designing a logo. It’s a good reference on designing a logo. But more importantly it describes the process of designing a logo and gives you an idea of the effort and frustration involved.  That’s good coaching.

Find yourself a patron in your field

Now find yourself patrons in your own field.  Without someone experienced to show you the way, you will never know when to “try harder” and when to give up.

And if you are a coach, take heed.

People come to us looking for information about what is and what is not “hard.”

Read for format!  This is the kind of information that people need badly!  Supplying someone with the right patron is the help they need.

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