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Tag: predicate calculus

Need to practice first order logic?

I found this first order logic exercise on Wolfram.

#1 Download Wolfram’s CDF player

-1 The download on their site did not work for me, so I downloaded here from Softpedia.

-2 You will download an .exe file. When it arrives on your personal computer, simply click on the link and it will install as a Program.  It takes a little time to install.  Big beastie to allow you to view interactive documents.

#2 Now read whatever you want on Wolfram’s Demonstrations

-1 Find the demonstration that interests you.  In this case, try this demo for practicing first order logic, also known as predicate calculus..

-2 Click on “Download Demonstration as CDF” at top right and it should open.  If not, try firing up Wolfram first from your Start/Programs.

#3 Practice your first order logic

-1 Choose how many objects to play with,

-2 Start at equation number 1.

-3 Move objects around to change the truth value from true to false and v.v


It won’t do your homework for you but it might take the edge off the confusion.


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