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Designing and building positive business processes

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Positively, please

Martin Seligman wants to spread the positive movement throughout society. I hope so, starting with customer relations in big businesses.

HSBC: May I compliment your staff?

Today, I rang my bank and had to hang on for several minutes while they stepped me through a tedious set of steps that we all know and love to hate.

Finally, I was given an opportunity to make or follow up a complaint. It really jarred. Irritation followed by the opportunity to complain but never an opportunity to say thank you.

Does anyone know of a business that allows you to thank its staff members?

Of course, HSBC are not the only offender. I once thought of trying to thank someone at my nearest railway station (20 miles away).   The rail company also has a “complaints only” policy.

Gratitude site

I’ve been thinking for some time that we need website where we can send messages of thanks. Today I found another site, PlaceShout, that would work as a template. Placeshout works for San Francisco only – so San Franciscans, you can try this out.

I want to build a PlaceShout for the UK. The idea would be that when and where you get great service, you SMS the website with the business and message. Logging into the website would allow you to add new businesses.

Microblogging developers

And anyone else, if you are interested in this project, could you tweet me at @jobucks?

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  1. Now this is such a good idea Jo- and when I think about it it is hard to find a way to say well done or thank you. And – sadly – often when I do so ( usually in a face to face conversation) the fact that I am giving positive feedback comes as a surprise!
    I am watching with interest to see how your idea develops!

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