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Personality, the photocopier and puzzles!

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I have a puzzle for my fellow psychologists.  What personality concept would you use to describe this personality attribute?

A colleague of mine likes untangling the office photocopier.  She is not only good at it, she enjoys it.  Well fairly evidently I don’t, so while she opened bits here and pulled out bits of paper there, I cheerfully launched into my work psychologist routine and asked her why she liked it.

Anyway, my dear colleague (who sorts out the machine for me quite regularly every Monday morning) said, “I like choices”.  She likes the idea that the problem could be “this or that”.

My colleague is also very good with students who are frustrated by bureaucracy.  As the student rants and raves about the idiocy of a form or an official/s demands for more paperwork, she begins: now let’s see, we have a choice of   .  .  ., we could do this, or this.

At this stage of my career, I am used to matching behavioral patterns with one or more theories.  On this Monday morning, I stared at my colleague, quite unable to neatly pigeonhole her preference for choice.  I thought she might be high P, but given she gets up at 5.15 every morning to get to the office before anyone else so she begin the day organized  .  .  . mmm?

Any ideas?



  1. I would have guessed she was a P, but I also guessed she was an N. The iNtuitive part would explain the curiousity of how things work together and seeing inner connection between different things and cause/effect. That combined with a P preference would explain trying to figure things out without a manual. Very interesting, though!

    If she’s interested in trying the MBTI, let me know. I can help.

  2. Jo Jo

    Hi Breanne, thanks for dropping by. You write a great blog on MBTI.

    I did send her off to do the MBTI on the BBC site (easy to google and do). Yes, I was fascinated. I had never heard that expression before – I like choices. I will try it on for size!

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