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Poll: our plans for beating the recession

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UPDATE:  This poll was in October 2008.  We couldn’t decide whether we were in a recession or not!  That is a good takeaway!  Remember for future downturns how long it takes for people to decide that there is a situation that requires their attention!

Possibly also take note that few people see the economy as something that operates despite our good intentions. It is not enough to tell politicians to do something.  We all have to do something more than just hope for the best.


Thanks for dropping in.

Two days ago hopes rose that the ‘fever had broken’ and that we were on the mend, if slowly.  Today, hopes blurred again.

Many firms have been engaged in active scenario planning and have established how they are going to approach what may be a long and difficult economic period.
Would you like to share your experience of the planning process?  Polls on WordPress are new and these are  little untidy.  Do feel free to comment on the questions you think I should be asking in the comments section.

And perhaps bookmark the page so you can check back easily on Monday to see the results.  Have a delicious weekend!

PS If you tick Other, and you have another 30 seconds to spare, could you leave a comment saying what you have in mind?  Fascinating so far!  I hope to invite another 1000 people from various networks to respond over the weekend.  Thanks so much for participating!

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  1. James Ritchie James Ritchie


  2. Maybe another question could have been along the lines of mental attitude towards ‘recession’.
    ‘Are we actually in recession yet, or is the media just telling us we are?’
    ‘Are you allowing your staff to use the word recession in the office?’
    ‘There is always some good to come out of a recession, what will it be for your company?’

    Maybe they are for another day!

  3. Jo Jo

    Hi Andy, thanks for dropping by. At first blush, the results support your thinking. This may turn out to be an interesting weekend!

    And James, None? Hope that doesn’t refer to your plans for the weekend!

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