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You, me and the woes of General Motors

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I’ve been collecting every visual and pictorial explanation of the financial crisis that I can find and storing on my page: Financial Crisis Visually.

Today, via @flowingdata, I came across this poster chart of the collapse of GM.


Wouldn’t it be a good idea if every company had its strategic position boldly displayed on the canteen wall?  What internal factors matter?  Where does our money go? What external factors are we watching?

I am sure Jess would be happy to have the commission!  She is also the artist behind other visuals I have stored.

UPDATE: For an HR Managers perspective on the Recession, I have written a summary on a new post.

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  1. I love this visual. It does make it easier to grasp. I’ve love to see their proposal in the same simple format.

    In terms of content, I would add national debt (gov’t borrowing is reaching its limits) and personal debt (people need to pay off credit cards and save) added to the external factor list,

  2. Jo Jo

    Hi Barbara

    Indeed. I see people using artists to communicate in business more and more. Once we get the main points down, then we can start talking.

    From what I can see, tat aggregate level our indebtedness is so high now, particularly when we take into account unfunded pensions and health care, that we need to develop mental models to live with it.

    Bit like living with a medical condition. Not what we wanted, and it takes time and attention, but not going to stop us from living fully either!

    Hope you are well. We have had temperatures below zero during the day – You’ll laugh at our lack of grit – -3C and we didn’t know if we were coming or going!

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