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The world turned this week – did you notice?

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I think we will look back on this past week as a turning point.  And like most positive turning points, it arrived quietly.

This week we moved past a point where cool in American is Fonzi and Grease.  This week became the week when it is cool to work hard at school and to get up at 04:30am to do extra work if necessary.  This week, schools became a place where students explore opportunities and we as adults and teachers make doorways to bigger and more exciting worlds and put away treadmills that are pounded for no reason.

This week the momentary Acting President while Congress was listening to Obama’s health speech was a Nobel winning scientist.

This week it has become clear that sulking is not an option. Engage in intelligent debate about solutions. Negotiate. Find answers.

We will look back on this week as the point when the world turned.

I for one am very glad.

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