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Events Managers teaching us the central concept of management

Last updated on June 4, 2013

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I had an interesting exchange today with Events Impresario, Julius Solaris.  Well, I had two, but I will tell you about this one.

Julius tweetedd about the lack of creativity in events.

  • I asked whether lack of creativity mattered and whether we would rather have events where creativity happened.
  • Quick off the mark, Julius tweeted: “@jobucks but providing a creative environment is key to foster creativity IN the event”

Yes!  Which the boundary conditions does the Event Manager create, so that you and I can be creative when we meet at the party?

These days, people do Masters degrees in Event Management.  So, somebody must know.

How do students learn this double-layered approach to management?

Which conditions do we manage to raise the likelihood of creative activity by the guests?

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  1. Getting rid of traditional structure is the beginning (as the unconference model does). The model has been there since 1991 and it’s right about time to elaborate.

    Matching need and have is what I like lately, such as it happens in or

    Looking forward for the answers.

  2. Jo Jordan Jo Jordan

    Cool, I’ll have a look at that.

    And if you need expert advice, follow Julius. Expertise shows, doesn’t it?

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