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Who has had good results with Open Office Base?

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Open Office Base vs Access

Wow, I’ve spent more than 2 weeks trying to get a database going in Base, part of Open Office.

Tonight, I retrieved an old copy of Access 2003, part of the Office suite.

I thought I had lost my touch. Access is definitely easier to use, prettier to use, and more powerful.

My attempts to use Base have been exhausting . . . and embarrassing.

Let’s see how quickly I can create a database in Access.

I’ll let you know!

But if you have created a good, working database in Base, I would love to hear from you.  I am trying to write a program where we input cost price, calculate selling prices and get them reviewed/changed, print labels with all the detailed bumpf required these days, and print labels and price lists.

UPDATE:  Access is definitely easier to use.  Easy to use.  Access 2010 is even better.

There is only one obscure thing to learn: that is how to write the look up commands.  If you follow the tab on the right of source, you can do it by numbers so to speak.

Editing a layout is also fiddly.

But it works and once you know, it is fast and stable.

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