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Step 6: Consolidating my online strategy – Spam catcher

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I have a self-hosted blog. Now to share!

Meal Worm in Venus Fly Trap via blmurchNow I’ve got a working copy of my blog moved from to a installation on Dreamhost, I am in an uncomfortable inter-regnum.  If have two parallel copies of the same content on two different domains ( and  That doesn’t matter very much because though my blog is healthy, it is not very big.

Steps for connecting with the world

But in quickly I want to accomplish several steps

  • Get an anti-spam filter set up on my blog
  • Redirect my links from so that anyone visiting my blog is redirected to the new copy (and in time I recover my “google juice”
  • Set up my Google Analytics and RSS feeds
  • Prettify my blog with all the additional plugins that I need to function well.

Setting up Akisimet

Akisimet, WordPress’ anti-spam system is free for personal and non-commercial blogs.  There are x steps to getting it set up.

1  Activate the plugin that was installed with your One Click Install on Dreamhost

Go to dashboard; look down the right column; choose, Plugins-Installed; find Akisimet and activate.

2  Get your Key

Follow the link to get your Key.  Not helped that I am now using another email address,  I was muddled for a moment and got a new code.  What I needed to do was to put in the email address I used for my old WordPress blog and retrieve my old key.

Copy & paste.

All done!

Akisimet begins working immediately and you can rejoice at the idiocy of people who waste their time and ours sending out robots to promise personal attention and service!  Hail Akisimet.

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