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Strip whitespace from a document in elementary Python scraping

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Tsingy 010 by Olivier Lejade via FlickrSimple python scraper

I’ve been using Python to extract text from textfiles that I created from pdf documents using opensource PDFToText.

Strip() does not strip all whitespace

There is a nifty python command which strips off leading and lagging white space.  For example, to clean up a line containing the phrase that we seek, we simply write

line = line.strip()




Easy peasy ~ except that my phrases were being returned with a long list of whitespace to the right.

The whitespace is not visible to the naked eye of course and I deduced that from the presence of word~long blank~closing quotes.

NBSP will not be stripped by strip()

My own diagnosis took me up some blind alleys.  In a thoroughly confused state, I sought help on StackOverflow.  While I slept, a helpful chap in Australia read me the riot act on confusion and told me what was likely to be my problem.

The whitespace wasn’t a space after all. It is a NBSP – non break space.  That is, a marker that is the opposite of forcing a page break – it prevents  a page break at that point.

Knowing this, all I had to do now was search for NBSP using its ASCII code “XA0” ( and that 0 is zero).

Simple python code to find and strip NBSP

So this is what I did:

I compiled a search term as

Snap = re.compile(r”””

(XA0)                    # searching for NBSP that shows up as white space but doesn’t leave with strip()

“””, re.X)                    # re.X allows this verbose layout with comments

matchObj =

if matchObj:

# Discard the line at the point where matchObj starts

line = line(matchObj:)



Clean NBSP from textfiles using Python

Hey presto – my line is cleaned up and the offending NBSP have gone.


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