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How to set up a new website – Step 2 – Sign up for Google Apps

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Step 2 Fireworks by Jason O'Halloran via FlickrSituation:  I want Google Apps to give me gmail with the same name as my website

  • I have bought a domain name from a registrar and my domain name  servers are pointing at my hoster (actually I bought my name through my hoster so the domain name servers were already pointing in the right direction)
  • I could use my hoster’s email but they encourage use to use gmail and I want the other benefits of a virtual office that I get through Google Apps
  • I don’t want a gmail name.  I want to use my name.

Task:  To register for Google Apps


#1 Find  Google Apps

#2  Note that Google Apps is telling you to verify your domain

  • I got sent hither-and-thither
  • Relax – it works out but it is spaghetti
  • Leave this all alone for now and wait for your domain name to be registered.  You will come back when this is done.

The step you have taken to launch a new website with email

  • You have registered a Google Apps account so you can use gmail with your domain name
  • You have to go back to your hosting service to set up your shell ready to link up to Google Apps

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