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How to set up a new website – Steps 4 & 5 – Link your Google Apps to your website

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Step 4 Fireworks by Jason O'Halloran via Flickr

Situation:  Google Apps wants to verify that I own my domain

  • Fair ask but if there is one truth in this world, Google staff can’t write for toffee. Prepare for confusion.
  • I got the impression that after I had activated my hosting, that the instructions on Google Apps changed.  But who knows – I found the instructions on Google Apps a tangled maze.
  • Google Apps offered me an html file to copy and put on my website.  So that is what we are going to do.  Particularly as I know now that words.

Task:  To load Google Apps verification code on my website

#1 Save the verification file in its html file on my PC

  • I also save it in a folder called mydomainname/websitemaintenace/this file must be on the website

#2 Go back to the hoster’s to load it up using their FTP service

I could use another FTP service but then I would be fiddling about with server names and passwords and that would be irritating

  1. Log back in to the hosters
  2. Go to Manage Domains
  3. Without rushing around and pressing the wrong thing, choose WebFTP
  4. Again, carefully, look at the file structure
  5. Position myself in the root folder for mydomainname.  I should see wp-content there among other basic WordPress files.
  6. Browse my PC and select the file that I have just saved containing the verification code.
  7. Upload (which in Dreamhost is an obscure confusing green arrow near the top of the page).
  8. Check the file is there.

Step 5  Fireworks by Jason O'Halloran via Flickr#3 Go back to Google Apps and confirm that I have loaded up the file

  • Make sure that I press Verify!

#4 Still in Google Apps, go to settings and choose all the simplified names


Whew.  Done

  • I have a domain name registered (best to put the renewal date in my calendar now and activate and automatic email)
  • I have my a WordPress shell on my hosting service
  • Also on my hosting service is a little piece of Google code so I can use Google Apps as my email service
  • I have Google Apps set up with simplified addresses.


  • I can sign up all the users to Google Apps
  • Start sorting out WordPress at the hosters

Easy when you can find your notes. If you have any hassles, let me know.  I’ll help if I can.

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  1. Renee Werner Renee Werner

    Hello, I found this through a Google search, and I wanted to let you know it was helpful in assisting me with figuring out the Google Apps verification process. Thanks!

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