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How to import large files into phpmyadmin and WAMP

Last updated on June 22, 2017

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One of the more infuriating problems that you will encounter with WAMP is that it will refuse to  import an SQL file.  Too big, it says.

Google this problem and you will learn that it is down to phpmyadmin and that there are three possible ways forward.

  1.  Adjust our php.ini settings to allow a larger file
  2. Use the command prompt to run mysql.exe commands
  3. Edit the .sql file

There is a fourth way forward that is so much simpler.  Hat-tip to this UK web developer.

  1. Go to c:/wamp/apps/phpadmin3.5.2
  2. Make a new subfolder called ‘upload’
  3. Edit to find and update this line: $cfg[‘UploadDir’] = ‘upload’

Now when you import a database, you will given a drop-down list with all the files in this directory.  Chose the file you want and you are done.

Note though, that you only set up this procedure once – at the time you set up WAMP.  So you will forget this procedure!  That is why I have put it on my blog.

Another note to myself – if I have not checked rewrite_module in Apached modules, I should do so now. That is the other modification to the standard install of WAMP that gets forgotten.



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