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How good is your HR map?

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The schematic design of Zone 1 of the tube map. Locations of stations are not geographically accurateImage from Wikipedia

I have a question to ask my colleagues in HR – if we were to sketch out “what” we are managing, what would we draw?  And what principles might we use?

To kick this off, I googled the maps of London.

1 The London A to Z

In 1935, Phyllis Pearsall began working on the London A to Z that we know so well.  She walked 3000 miles of the 23000 streets of London waking up at 5am everyday and working an 18 hour day.

2 The underground map

Harry Beck drew the map of “the tube”  in 1933, oddly before Phyllis Pearsall started work on the A to Z.   As anyone knows who has used the Beck map to estimate the walk between two stations, it is not geographically accurate.  It is brilliant though because it shows “how to get from one station to another, and where to change trains.”

3 The underground by time

And I found this attempt to redraw the underground map to show how much time it takes to travel from station to station.

If we were drawing a map of what we manage, what would we want to show?

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