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While you concentrate on Plan A, I look after Plan B and C

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Who is taking care of Plan B and C, while you mind the store?

And if you had someone to take care of Plan B and C, would you be able to concentrate fully on Plan A?

I’ve met all sorts of interesting people at Spicy Networking hosted by Julius Solaris and Carmen Boscoli in London.  They organize ‘soirees’ for up-and-coming entrepreneurs in London.

Scenario Planner

The fellow who looks after Plan B and C for us while we look after Plan A is Brett Dawson.   He’s a chemical engineer by training, a strategist by inclination, and a planner by trade.  He makes sits you down, alone, or with your team, and gets you to think about what you haven’t had time to think about.

Then he makes sure Plans B and C are ready to roll, just in case.

You win in three ways with a good scenario planner

1.  You get Plan B and C thought out and ready to roll, if you need them.

2.  You get to concentrate fully on Plan , raising the chances that you will be brilliantly successful and not need Plan B or C at all.

3.  You think about your unfolding situation a bit more and make Plan A heaps better!

Scenario Planning by Polar Bears

If you want a shorter version, go here!

Fast failure forward, lateral thinking, three steps ahead here.

If you want to find Brett .  .  .

Well, he is a busy man, so you will have to look hard!  You might be able to catch him at Spicy Networking when he is socializing.  Or you can contact the organizers of Spicy Networking, Julius and Carmen, and ask them to set up a three way meeting.  Or you can talk to me nicely!

I know Brett is sympathetic to start-ups so if you fear you cannot afford him, think laterally.  You might be able to ‘pay forward’ or reciprocate in some way.  Or ask him!  He is the lateral thinker.

P.S. As a hobby, he writes science fiction novels to help people image a sustainable and green world!

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