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Your first job in social media

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I was delighted to see that Daryl Tay of Singapore has outlined what he is doing at BLUE.  He doesn’t tell us what he is doing for their clients.  For that we should hasten over to the Blue website.

Daryl tells us about the rhythm of his day.  The routine and regular tasks, how he sets priorities, and how he balances work and play.

If you are looking for your first job in an agency, have a look. If you have an internship in a social media agency, perhaps add a post and we can make a carnival?

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  1. Thanks, Jo. I’ve really found that the routine but essential tasks really help get a feeling that you’ve done something for the day. Yesterday I had a rare day where I got pulled into a project for the entire day and wasn’t even at my desk, I have to admit heading into the office today, I feel like I have a lot ‘undone’ simply because I missed the routine yesterday.

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