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Live your dream – how do you get started?

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IMG_2363 by against the tide via FlickrFrustrated dreamer?

We all have dreams.  But most of us don’t dare pursue them

We blame circumstances.  We put off starting until we have done something else.  We dismiss our dreaming as silly.

And we envy (and blame) people who do what they want to do.

Can we pursue our dreams?

But how do we start?  How do we start when we short of resources and have ‘grown-up’ responsibilities to take care of?

Here are two examples.

Penny U and YoungandFoodish

Penny U is a coffee shop (on my list).  YoungandFoodish is a food writer building a foodie community in the great metropolis of London.

I am not going to tell you about them.  You can follow their links and read about them for yourself.

This is for people taking their first step

But I know some people who are just starting out.  They have taken that first piece of paper and written down the the ideas precious to them.

Now they are probably having a slight crisis of confidence and they are thinking, once again, that this is silly; this is childish.  They are thinking that unless someone pays me 50K plus immediately to follow this idea, then this idea is silly.

And I am going to challenge their first crisis of confidence

Well, why should you ask anyone for permission to follow your dream?  Why do you need someone elses endorsement?  They have their dreams.  You have yours.

All you have to do is add one small piece to your dream every day.  Maybe on a half-an-hour commute.  Maybe at lunchtime.  Maybe in 20 minutes snatched while you cook supper in the evening.

A small addition every day and before long, you too will have a venture, shaped around your ideals, contributing your special vision and bringing in a stable, dependable income from work that is honorable, worthy and sound.

Little and often

But it needs a little, every day.  Dreaming is not enough.  We must begin, however, small that beginning.  We must continue, however small the next step.   And we we must do this daily.  We must not break the chain.

A tiny step forward every day.  I’ve followed this process.  I’ve seen this process often.  They people who succeed are those who keep taking the small steps.



  1. Hi Jo,
    I have to admit, I am visiting your blog, after a bit of a gap and love the new look. The posts are as enlightening as always.
    A favourite author of mine, Subroto Bagchi, in his book – The Professional, spoke about utilizing the white space – the waiting time, the time during your commute etc. I love to write, so I now use my white space to fill in the white space in a little note pad with my ideas.
    From ideas can emerge great things, including a brand new venture. Have a nice weekend.

  2. Thanks Lubna. I suspect the excerpt and follow through format is losing me readership, though.

    I am definitely in favour of using white space. I have a well developed third world habit of always have some work in my bag. Getting irritated by delays is such a waste of one’s life!

  3. Dear Jo,

    I also love your blog’s new looks. Feels springish and more concise, inviting to come back for refreshing and a little shakeup.

    The subjects you pick have always been relevant and developing. Thank you!


    • Thanks Baldur. Had some comments to change the green. And I suspect the magazine format increases the bounce rate. Not as scannable. But my Alexa Ranking is recovering systematically. Gratifying!

      Thanks for reading and commenting.

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