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Wikileaks and the Emperor’s Clothes

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Wikileaks – so I found out about the lame political analysis coming out of Embassies.  Surprised – not really – they hear the same lame analysis I hear at cocktail parties. Surprised – sort of – surely, well I mean these guys are the crème de la crème – surely they think more deeply than that.  It seems not.

Wikileaks was a nothing.  We all know this stuff. We just didn’t know that THIS IS ALL!

Wikileaks and the Emperor’s Clothes

The powers-that-be are writhing precisely because Wikileaks turned out to be a nothing event.  So a boy in the crowd has yelled out that the Emperor is wearing no clothes.   The tailors who sold him make-believe clothes, if they have their smarts about them, cashed in and headed for the hills along time ago.

Those who didn’t have the guts to point out the scam before are looking foolish. That’s all.

But maybe we are the ones with no clothes?

It is a logical possibility.  Let’s look at the squeals of outrage.

Critics say that our officials can’t govern unless their inane analysis is secret. Hardly. There was little secret or analytical about it.

Anyway, the basic requirement of their position is that they do nothing without our consent or that would be consistent with our consent on inspection (maybe that is why the analysis has been so lame?)

Privacy and confidentiality refers to the people they describe.  Yes.  Other people’s details are private but not the politicians they ‘play’ with. Those people consort with foreign embassies to be heard.  There interaction is not a secret; nor cannot it be.  The lamentable state of Joe Soap’s bank account or the personal foibles of a  politician’s mother – those are confidential to those people.  Actions taken on behalf of voters is never secret.  Ever.

The only secret that has been blown is that it doesn’t take a lot of expertise to do what Wikileaks has exposed.

But still, maybe they do other stuff we don’t know about.  Hands up if you believe that.  But still, maybe we suffer from outstanding ignorance and they are wearing clothes after all.  It is possible.  But that is how the scam works.

Simple solution: wear clothes

If they are wearing clothes, I think we would have seen another reaction and different body language.  Wearied looks. A condescending pat on the head.  We would even have heard what was reputed to have been said to Hilary Clinton:  you should read what we say about you.  The world is simply roaring with laughter at a case of emperor’s clothes.

There is a simple solution.   Put on some clothes.  I am sure we will like what we see when you do.

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