3 simple ideas for leading in today’s turbulent workplaces

My, hasn’t work, and the theory of work, changed since the 70’s. Well so it should but strangely psychologists and work theorists didn’t expect work to change. So our theories didn’t put change at their very core.

Funnily, the theory has become simpler as work has become more turbulent. Simple, but, young or old, you will have to let go of old ideas.

If Big Society is the answer, what is the question?

Well, yes what was the question? Academics do know a thing or two. In this post, I try to translate (and connect) a recent article on Leadership by Keith Grint of Warwick BS to events in Egypt and the psychology of happy and lucky action. It is practical. It is connected. We know how; we are only waiting to try how.

SIR COPE – Leading when everything has fallen apart around us

Karl E Weick is tough to read but is an expert on leading after large scale accidents. After 9/11, he formulated the SIR COPE acronym for leaders.

It seems we are in situation after situation where groups are utterly shocked by adverse events so I’ve tried to rewrite the acronym in simpler language.

See what you think.