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Fantastic new reads and listens found this week

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Riverside Park stroll - June 2008 - 066 by Ed Yourdon via Flickr1  Play ethic

Not an easy read but this article sums up

Store it away as a baseline of what we know about business models in the networked age; give it to your students to study; use it make heuristics for your strategy sessions

2  Mute magazine: culture and politics after the net

Mute magazine: Deeply thought out well informed discussion of a wide range is issues from architecture to the ongoing student protests in London.

A lot of it is over my head.  To comment on any piece, I’d have to read a shelf of books too.  But that’s why it is in my “Worth Reading” feed.

3   French Radio London

I definitely don’t understand most of what is said on French Radio London but I like the music and I like the way they put the title of the track on the screen.  BBC never does that.

Station of choice for the moment

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