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Tidy catalogue of pop psychology

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Rhetoric, persuasion, listening: pop psychology

For selling, persuading and simple negotiation, have a look at changingminds for a useful miscellany of tips and techniques.

Sensemaking: heavy duty psychology

The psychologist to turn to when we have to lead from the front in times is Karl Weick who gives us the  SIR COPE acronym.

  • Social
  • Iterative
  • Retrospective
  • Continuing
  • Plausible
  • Enacted

Elevator speeches

I think I might spill my drink over someone who actually spouted an elevator speech at me, but what do we say when someone asks us “What do we do?”

Can you stand up in front of 1000 people and state your personal elevator speech in 20 seconds?

Up there in the BEST elevator speeches ever!

What is your vision of the future?



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